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Q - Why do I need to use a broker?

A – Because the Owner has a professional experienced Agent representing him.  Most brokers and agents specialize in one type of commercial real estate, such as office space, retail space, or industrial space. They have significant experience with these types of deals and will know what to watch out for. During negotiations, the broker's knowledge of current market conditions gives you more power and leverage. And on the buy or lease side of the transaction, you really have nothing to lose -- your broker's commission is paid by the seller or landlord.

Q - How much does a broker charge?

A - If you're buying or leasing, the commission is typically paid by the seller or landlord, and is split between the seller's agent and the buyer's agent. Therefore, you have no downside in choosing to be represented by a broker.   

Q - What about the agent’s fees and charges?

A - Agents fees are generally not regulated and are negotiable. Any successful investor will tell you that if you choose the right agent they are worth far more than the fees they charge. Many wealthy property investors owe their success to their choice of a professional real estate agent and they did not gain that agent's loyalty by cutting fees. However, you should never choose an agent on the fee structure alone. The final result is where the money is made not through negotiating lower fees.

Q - How do I choose the right agent?

A – Look for experience, expertise, and credibility.  Choose an agent that you feel you have the best chemistry with.  After all, you’re going to spend 100’s of hours with him/her.  Don’t just choose a company because you recognize the name.  Each Brokerage firm has agents with as much experience, expertise, and credibility as they have.  Many of the best agents left the larger more recognized firms because they had great ideas of their own and wanted to get away from the bureaucracy, politics, and other corporate issues.  What’s more important, shaking hands with a celebrity who can only afford to give you 1/20th of their time, or working with an experienced expert in a small independent firm who will give you 100% of their time?

Q – We have multiple locations with lease expirations at different times.  We are also owners in a few of our locations.  What value can you add in helping us to manage this portfolio more profitably?

A – I think this is our strong suit.  We first attack the problem utilizing a high level macro approach of getting a complete picture and a clear understanding of your portfolio.  We then need the same complete picture and understanding of your corporate mission, goals, objectives, and culture.  We will thoroughly analyze the two and devise and present a specific corporate strategy and plan for managing your portfolio in the most profitable manner that also embraces your corporate objectives and culture.   We will be happy to discuss this in more detail with you at your request.

Q- We are happy with our current space and location.  Our lease still has 2 or more years left, but the market has changed and our rate seems high.  Do we have any options at this point?

A – Yes you do.  It somewhat depends on your size, growth projections, and new term you’re willing to commit to.  However, when the market is down, landlords also want to keep valuable tenants because it takes them a lot longer to lease empty space.  We will be happy to meet with you, discuss your options, and show you various alternatives that could well lower your overall facility cost now and in the future.  We will do this at no cost to you.


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