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A Typical Moving Schedule

Three Months before your Move:
1. Choose move leader . . . someone with excellent communication and organizational skills who has demonstrated good rapport with all employees.
2.  Move leader chooses move team:
• Floor space and office layout manager
• New office furniture and equipment manager
      • Electrical, telephone and computer manager
      • Employee relocation manager
      • Budget manager
3.  Designate target move-in date.
4.  Place hold on ordering stationery and inventory without move leader’s approval.
5.  Track moving expenses - most are tax deductible.
6.  Order telephone lines for new location.
7.  Hire decorator.
8.  Research moving companies. Professional moving companies rely on recommendations and references. Check them out. Make sure the company you choose is equipped and staffed to meet all your needs.
9.  Get one set of blueprints of new office space for office layout and space planning.
10. Get additional set of blueprints for electrical, computer, and telephone location planning.

Two Months before your Move:
1.  Give notice to current landlord, including exact moving day and times.
2.  Notify Telephone Company of exact moving day. Retain current phone number or choose a new one. Request phone books at new location.
3.  Get acquainted with new location. Contact Chamber of Commerce. Investigate public transportation, parking, banks, and business services. Prepare fact sheet for employees.
4.  Order office signs.
5.  Conduct moving sale.
6.  Re-check insurance coverage on relocation of furniture and company cars.
7.  Prepare press release and promotional materials.

One Month before your Move:
1.  Create printed moving announcements. Distribute to customers, prospects, vendors, and associates three weeks before move.
2.  Contact utility companies at current and new locations.
3.  Order new office stationery.
4.  Preview new offices.
5.  Contact vending machine services, water, and coffee services at both locations.
6.  Schedule phone coverage during move.
7.  Inventory all stock.

One Week before your Move:
1. Packing!
      • Each employee packs contents of his or her office, labels boxes “Fragile” or “Do Not     Move,” as appropriate.
      • Common area manager supervises packing of common area contents.
      • Computer manager supervises careful packing of computers, electronic equipment.
      • Pictures, mirrors and other easily broken items should be wrapped in bubble pack or be moved in cards.
2.  Make copies of new office keys.
3.  Make maps to new location.
4.  Hold pre-move company meeting.
5.  Notify post office to forward mail.
6.  Move safe deposit boxes.
7.  Clear out storage lockers.
8.  Defrost refrigerators.
9.  Make signs for movers identifying placement areas at new location..
10. Last-minute confirmations: Phones, movers, landlord inspection of old office.
11. Have all employees back-up their computer files.

Moving Day:
1.  Conduct moving day meeting with entire staff before movers arrive.
2.  Have critical items on hand during move:
      • Extra keys to new office
      • Pens and paper
      • Auxiliary/cellular phone(s)
      • Laptop computer for employee e-mail
• Extension cord/power strip
• Company checkbook, petty cash
      • Refreshments
3.  Clean old office for final inspection.
4.  Tip movers.

After the Move:
1.  Place "We've Moved" sign at old office.
2.  Conduct "After the Move" party.
3.  Change answer machine/voice mail message.
4.  Recycle empty boxes.
5.  Report damage claims.
6.  Hold post-move company meeting.
7.  Plan Open House to show off new facilities.


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